E-Book Gratis Programming Android(Oreilly–2011)

The purpose of this book is to enable you to create well-engineered Android applications that go beyond the scope of small example applications.
This book is for people coming to Android programming from a variety of backgrounds.
If you have been programming iPhone or Mac OS applications in Objective-C, you will
find coverage of Android tools and Java language features relevant to Android programming that will help you bring your knowledge of mobile application development
to Android. If you are an experienced Java coder, you will find coverage of Android
application architecture that will enable you to use your Java expertise in this newly
vibrant world of client Java application development. In short, this is a book for people
with some relevant experience in object-oriented languages, mobile applications, REST
applications, and similar disciplines who want to go further than an introductory book
or online tutorials will take them.


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